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Personal Details:
Name: Arman Lalane
Year of birth: 1970

1990-1995 Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria
1993-1995 Two years course of Industrial Management at Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria
1984-1988 High School of Mathematics, Dobrich, Bulgaria
Major field of study - Physics and Computer Science.

Credentials, Certifications & Courses:
03/2016 Project Management Professional (PMP), PMI
03/2016 jQuery 2.1 Certification, Brainbench
03/2016 MySQL 5.7 Administration Certification, Brainbench
02/2013 Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM), PMI
09/2012 ITIL Foundation v3.0 Course and Certification, PEOPLECERT
05/2012 IT Project Management Course, Global Knowledge
12/2010 Patient Experience Leadership Orientation (C-I-CARE), UCLA
08/2010 IBM Cognos 8 BI Report Studio Course (v8.4)
08/2010 IBM Cognos 8 BI Metric Studio Course (v8.4)
08/2010 IBM Cognos 8 BI Query Studio Course (v8.4)
08/2008 Project Management Techniques, UCLA
09/2007 Concerto Medical Portal Configuration Training, Orion Health
08/2007 SOA Training Courses, IBM
07/2007 Service-Oriented Modeling & Architecture (SOMA), IBM
07/2007 DB2 9 Special Topics for UCLA, IBM
03/2006 Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.4 Certification, Brainbench
03/2006 Java Server Pages (JSP 2.1) Certification, Brainbench
03/2006 HTML 3.2 Certification, Brainbench
03/2006 RDBMS Concepts Certification, Brainbench
04/2006 Project Management (2005) Certification, Brainbench
08/2004 SeeBeyond ICAN 5000
05/2000 Java 2 Programmer Certification, Brainbench
05/2000 High IT Aptitude Certification, Brainbench


Member of the Project Management Institute

Member of the Software Industry Professionals

Member of the Organization of Independent Software Vendors

Member of the UCLA Java User Group

Personal skills:
  • Programming Languages:

  • Java SE, Java EE, J2EE (SWING, Sockets, TCP/IP, UDP, JDBC, EJB, AWT, Multithreading, SSL, RMI, Servlets, Applets, SOAP, SOA, WSDL, J2ME for RIMs, WAPs & Palms, JavaMail), JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, DHTML, XML, XSL, VB.NET, DirectX, Pascal, C, C++, Delphi, Perl, CGI, Visual Basic, ActiveX, UML, ASP, JSP, N-Tier, OOD, OOP, OOA, JMS, Axis, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, MVC, AJAX, eGate, SeeBeyond, HL7, PHP
  • DBMS:

  • Oracle 10i, MS SQL, MySQL, MS Access, Btrieve, Pervasive SQL, SyBase, PostgreSQL
  • Application servers:
    IBM WebSphere, Apache, Tomcat, Sun Java System Application Server, IIS, IWS, Oracle Application Server, JBoss, Systinet
  • Development & Design tools:
    NetBeans, JBuilder, Eclipse, RAD, JDeveloper, Visual Cafe, Borland Delphi, Microsoft Visual J++, J2ME Wireless Toolkit, Forte for Java CE, BlackBerry Java Developer's Kit, Visio (UML & DB design), Visual Paradigm SDE, Oracle Designer, MS Project,
  • Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, 3DStudio Max, MS Power Point, Animagic GIF, Asymetrix Web 3D, KPT, Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool, Rational Rose, Visual Source Safe, XML Spy, Dreamweaver, Oracle Designer, Oracle Reports, Visual InterDev, Powerbuilder, MS FrontPage
  • JUnit, jMeter, Microsoft Web Application Stress Tool

Work experience:
11/2001 - Present University of California - Los Angeles (UCLA) - Medical Center
Programmer/Analyst IV
Los Angeles, CA
  • Solution Architect for Enterprise - wide systems (Web Services, Medical Portal, Back-end jobs, batch processes, communication interfaces, etc.)
  • Member of the IT Project Management Office - PM of some migration projects
  • Consulting the Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) with insights of what needs to be tested and the approach needs to be taken.
  • Monitor the deployment procedures for the Enterprise Web Services.
  • Review, analyse, and modify programming systems including coding, testing and installing to support an organization's client/server software applications.
  • Design, develop, and implement web-based and server side Java applications to support business requirements.
  • Follow approved life cycle methodologies, create design documents, and perform program coding and testing.
  • Resolve technical issues through debugging, research, and investigation.
  • Identify data sources, construct data decomposition diagrams, provide data flow diagrams and document the process.
  • Write codes for database access, modifications, and constructions including stored procedures.
  • Gather requirements from users and create specifications and develop code. Design and write codes to support existing applications.
  • Lead training sessions to bring the rest of the team up to current java technologies along with introduction of new development and testing tools (For example: Web Services and SOAP with Java EE 6 and Systinet, data persistency with Java EE 6, jMeter, etc.)
  • Lead and direct the work of others.
7/2000 - 10/2001 WebMessenger, Inc.
Senior Java Programmer/Analyst
Los Angeles, CA
  • Senior developer of RIM Client for Mobile Messaging Platform (MMP) (Java, J2ME) This platform is messaging system for wireless and desktop devices
    Hands-on in GUI and communication parts.
    Development tool is BlackBerry Java Developer's Kit.

  • Internet Radio - a web based player (Java applets, Javascript, ASP, DHTML, IIS, Streaming media).
    Configured IIS server, Implemented HTMLs, JSPs, Javascripts and applets. Implemented Downloader object that is written in Java and compiled with Visual J++ to COM object. Embedded Media Player & Real Player.

  • Senior developer of Web page tracking system (Java Servlets, MS SQL, Javascript, JDBC).
    Installed and configured Apache and Tomcat servers, Implemented SQLs, servlets and Javascript

  • Monitoring of LITIS (HTML, Java Servlets, AS/400 platform, Apache, Tomcat) This project is for superstructuring of an old AS/400 application to be accessible through web browsers from each platform. A Java client application which resides on another machine can pass AS400 commands to launch a RPG Application or CLP application.
    Monitored the project.

  • Senior developer of Web page promotion (HTML, Javascript).
    Re-designed Web pages for better results in the search engines. Implemented meta tags. Promoted web pages on search engines.

  • Senior Java Developer of EarJam - Back Office (SUN UNIX/Win, Java 2, J2EE, Oracle, client-server application, XML/XSL, Servlets, EJB, DHTML, Javascript, JDBC, SWING, Apache, Tomcat, VB, JSP, Oracle Reports) Server site product that corresponds with EarJam, WinAmp and MediaPlayer players.
    Installed and configured Oracle 8.1.7EE, designed and created the database, used Oracle Designer 6 for designing of the database, created context indexes, configured Oracle Management Server, Replications between production and backup servers, TNS listeners, Implemented Stored procedures, Implemented servlets, HTMLs and Javascripts for the statistics. Implemented the acquisition modules. Implemented some parts of EJ Authoring Tool on Visual Basic 6.0. This is a client for the slide show managing.

  • Monitoring of Web base client of Mobile Messaging Platform (Java Applet, SWING). MMP enables instant messaging across multiple networks and devices as WAP, RIM, Palm, Desktop computers
    Monitored the project. Deployed new Java applet's versions on the server and made changes in the HTML file that invokes the applet.
3/2000 - 7/2000 Independent consultant, DHTML's, JavaScripts, Java applets, VB, ActiveX and other...
Dobrich, Bulgaria
  • Software developer of FishMakers Editor for Softmakers s.r.l. - Italia (Visual Basic 6, ActiveX, PC platform, MS SQL)
    Implemented GUI and Business logic for the graphical editor for the pools and areas for fish farms

  • The new version of TEREZA - TONEGAN - cash desk, staff, wages for Tonegan Ltd. Bulgaria (Borland Pascal, Delphi, Btrieve, PC platform)
    Implemented new windows, changed few old windows and new business logic regarding the new requirements of law and users.

  • Some small projects with DHTML's, JavaScripts, Java applets, Servlets, ASP, JSP, VB, ActiveX and other...
7/1998 - 2/2000 Cyberfort, Inc. - branch office, Sofia, Bulgaria
Technical Team Leader
Huston, TX
  • Team leader and software engineer of SecuredSQL (Java platform; client-server application, TCP/IP, RMI, SSL, Applets, SWING, SyBase, PostgreSQL, Oracle). The product protects database in internet/intranet, it requires minimum processor time consumption and it leads to better monitoring of the impacts on the database. The product is successful for all developers who use JDBC for data base connection.
    Implemented server connections, the whole JDBC driver, web based admin applet, zipped streams, Implemented SSL connection. Implemented a web-based administration tool.

  • Software engineer and developer of Intelligent Motor Monitoring (Java platform SWING, AWT, DSP, Applets, Servlets, SyBase, PostgreSQL, Oracle) The project is initiated to develop an on-line monitoring system for induction motor fault detection. Such systems are very useful for many motor applications in which the maximum motor life plays a very important role. These motor applications are too expensive and the process cannot be interrupted. Installed and configured SyBase and Oracle databases. Designed and created the database. Implemented whole software on DSP and PC side. Implemented applets, HTMLs, Javascripts and servlets for web base FFT analysis (graphics & text).

  • Software developer of games for WebTV (JavaScript, HTML, ASP)
    Implemented client side parts. Actually the client side parts are HTML, ASP and JS files that are placed on a web server or on a CD.

  • Internal information system (VB, Oracle, ODBC, Windows NT platform, desktop application). installed Oracle database on Windows NT platform. Designed the database (tablespaces, tables and views). Implemented a part of the GUI and the business logic of the application.
7/1995 - 6/1998 Tonegan, Ltd.
Software developer
Dobrich, Bulgaria
  • Project TONEGAN - Web based accounting system (Java, Servlets, JavaScript, DHTML, JDBC, Oracle, HTTP)
    Implemented the main parts of the client kernel in Visual Basic. Implemented the connection between VB client application and Java based server side application. Implemented connection between server side application and Oracle database through JDBC. Implemented servlets for remote administration of the server site application, responsible for "end of month" and "end of year" transactions and calculations.

  • Project TEREZA - TONEGAN - cash desk, staff, wages (Borland Pascal, Delphi, Btrieve, PC platform)
    Installed, configured and administrated Btrieve (client/server Btrieve, Brequest, Butil…). Implemented transactions. Implemented the whole OO kernel in protected mode. Implemented the customisable user interface for filling and printing the documents. Implementing calculation methods for the salaries.

  • Project ALBENA -TONEGAN - accountancy of turnover, balance, assets, expenditure, statistics and analysis (Borland Pascal, Btrieve, PC platform)
    Implemented new windows, changed few old windows and new business logic regarding the new requirements of law and users. Implemented description for MS Access link tables (the clients can build their own reports or correct some data in the Btrieve DB)

  • Importing and Exporting Interfaces from/to 3rd party's products (VB Scripts for Excel, Pascal, Windows, Oracle, Sybase, Btrieve, IIS, MS Access)

  • TONEGAN's web page (DHTML, JavaScript, Servlets, JSP Oracle)
    Implemented most web pages. Implemented the client's book.

  • Preparing the TONEGAN's ads for the accounting magazines and newspapers (Photoshop, Corel Draw, 3DStudio Max).
9/1988 - 9/1990 Air-Force
  • Software development of black box analysis of airplanes (Borland Pascal, PC platform).
    Implemented the whole project

  • Project about working time division of the officers in the military air forces in Dobrich (Borland Pascal, PC platform).
    Implemented the whole project

  • Project about data processing and analysis for the weather forecast (Borland Pascal, PC platform).
    Implemented the whole project

  • English - Proficient
  • Bulgarian - Native
  • Russian - Spoken and written
  • Armenian - Spoken
  • Turkish - Spoken
  • Non smoker.
  • Ability to adapt quickly in a team, and to learn and implement a variety of programming languages and techniques. More than 20 years experience in IT Industry.

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