Amplifying The Audio of K7S5A

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According to the ELITEGROUP's spec K7S5A has two Line-outs. They are seen on the picture:

So there is no amplified audio output. That's why if you have amplified speakers everything is fine. But when you decide to plug a headset or not amplified speakers it sounds too quiet.

What I did is I install an amplifier on FP_AUDIO header. I do not have front panel audio on my case so that header was available.

I got a broken Compaq board with an amplifier. I took it of and build an amplifier for K7S5A.

These are pictures from my board. The amplifier goes over the CMOS battery.

Now I have on Line-out and one Speaker-out and I have plugged amplified speakers at Line-out and a headset at Speaker-out.

The chip from the broken Compaq board is TDA1517.

And this is the realization with small number of additional elements. I have used that kind of connector (but only with 5 pair of holes) soldered directly to small board, showed below. That's way the amplifier's board is mounted directly to the FP_AUDIO connector.

This is the electrical scheme:


Keep in mind that both outputs are connected to the same volume slider on Windows volume control panel.

This is not a problem for me since I'm using the volume control on the speakers and I also have a volume control on the headset. I have adjusted the stereo potentiometer and I'm not touching it at all.

TDA1517 is designed for car stereos, which means you can use same or similar from a broken car radio or cassette player.

Another way is old active PC speakers to be used but it depends from the voltage. For example my active speakers are 9V powered and there is no 9V from the PSU. Should be some chip at 5V or 12V.


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