Building Underwater Video Camcorder Housing

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This page is dedicated to how I build an underwater camcorder case. I could not find the 1/4 in clear sheet at Home Depot, Lowe's nor OSH so I had to order it from the rest I got from the local Home Depot.

I spent 3 hours to build it and that was spaced over 3 days. I pretty much recorded the whole process, but for the sake of your patients I fast-forward the boring parts. As a result the video is divided to 4 parts with almost 1 hour length in total.

Materials needed for the project:

4 in ABS Pipe 1 ft long - $3
4 in ABS DWV Cap - 6$
Oatey 4 in. Mechanical Plastic Test Plug model # 33403 - $6
Handle - $3
1/4 in 1 ft x1 ft Acrylic clear sheet - 11$
ABS Cement - $5

The whole project cost me around $35 but I still have 75% of the Acrylic
sheet and the ABS Cement.

Oh, I also got 3 gram packages of silica gel so it does not fog when I go


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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